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Harmless skin growth projection with thin stalk on the surface of skin are termed as skin tag, it may be single or multiple in number. Size of skin tag may vary from 1mm to half inch. Skin tag are composed of collagen and blood vessels. Tags may occur at any body part, but more common on area where friction is more, specially breast, neck, armpits, groin and eyelids. It affect both genders equally, though chances are more during pregnancy, diabetic patients and fatty persons.

There is no known cause for skin tag, but as per Dr.Abhishek, skin tags can be due to
2.Friction as skin tag are common where the skin repeatedly rubs against skin or cloth or metallic chain, or ornaments, etc
3.Diabetes with insulin resistence
4.Genetical- Clinically we have seen strong family history

These are painless growth on skin surface
Skin tag connected to skin surface through small stalk
Skin tags size vary from 1mm to half inch.
Skin tags may be of similar or darker in colour as skin.

5 Best HOMOEOPATHIC Medicine for Skin Tags

Skin tag is mainly seen on the face, fingers, hand and eyelids.It is sometimes large. Skin is delicate and very sensitive, easily affected by urticaria with cold exposure. Skin rashes before menses.

best suited for jagged and large tags usually pedunculated, which bleeds with least friction. Tags usually on face, eyelids and nose.

Skin tags on covered body part, which burn after scratching. Skin is full of brown-white discolouration with tags , warts all over.

Skin tags after mercury abuse, fig-warts and tags which are dry with cauliflower like growth.

Tags are large in size with tendency to bleeding on washing. Patient complaint of splinter like pains. Tags with or without thin offensive, acrid, yellow- green discharge


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