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Aura Homeopathy treatment facial pigmentation?

5 Best Natural way to control Hair fall

HOW TO CONTROL YOUR HAIR FALL:-5 Best Natural way to control Hair fall. As per Dr.Abhishek Kasana M.D Aura Homeopathy, genetics play an important role in DHL-Diffuse Hair Loss, along with genetic family condition, there are many more seasons which may lead to DHL in both male sand female. Other reasons can be:- Homeopathy doctor in Delhi Hormonal change, Under active thyroid gland, Low blood circulation to the scalp, Nutritional deficiencies. In this Blog, Team Aura Homeopathy will guide you how to control your hair fall and few other natural alternative methods you can follow for DHL. 5 natural Hair Fall Remedies Following tips are very effective specially in initial diffuse hair loss contition, It held to grow your hairs long and strong naturally. 1- Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is very useful ingredient for maintaining skin pH level of skin, which is very necessary for healthy hair growth, all vera  penetrates deep into the skin of the scalp and help hair growth. Pr
#Skintagstreatment #Homeopathyforwars HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR SKIN TAG Harmless skin growth projection with thin stalk on the surface of skin are termed as skin tag, it may be single or multiple in number. Size of skin tag may vary from 1mm to half inch. Skin tag are composed of collagen and blood vessels. Tags may occur at any body part, but more common on area where friction is more, specially breast, neck, armpits, groin and eyelids. It affect both genders equally, though chances are more during pregnancy, diabetic patients and fatty persons. There is no known cause for skin tag, but as per Dr.Abhishek, skin tags can be due to 1.HPV 2.Friction as skin tag are common where the skin repeatedly rubs against skin or cloth or metallic chain, or ornaments, etc 3.Diabetes with insulin resistence 4.Genetical- Clinically we have seen strong family history Symptoms These are painless growth on skin surface Skin tag connected to skin surface through small stalk Skin tags size vary from 1mm

Skin Care Tips | Homeopathy Clinic in Delhi

1.Dry skin is prone to rashes and various kind of infection’s, daily moist your skin with moisturiser, apply moisturising cream after bath, else you can mix half spoon of olive oil in half mug of water and pour onto your body after bath.  Homeopathic clinic in India 2.GREEN GIANTS Hor a healthy and radiant skin include natural antioxidants in your diet including green spinach, Kivi, carrots, tomato, etc 3. Vitamin -A Supplements internally and externally are having wonderful anti-ageing properties. Its supplements helps to reduce wrinkle lines very effectively.  4. Sun Screen lotion:- Use sun screen lotion regularly before getting out in sun, and apply a tick layer of sunscreen on scar and stretch mark, so as to prevent it from getting darker. 5. Clean your cell phone with anti-bacterial wipes regularly once a day, as long time cell phone use leads to rashes and pimples along the jaw line. 6. Sleep-Take good sound sleep, disturbed sleep causes s

Aura is recipient to awards | Homeopathy clinic in Delhi

1. Dr.Kent Appreciation Award for his contribution in the field of Homeopathy 2016 2. Best Homeopathy Doctor by Asha, Ngo, Faridabad  3. Appreciation Award  by Manav Sewa samiti, Faridabad.  4. Best Research Papers on Allergies at M.U.H.S, Nasik.  5. Certificate of Appreciation at Sonajirao Kshisagar homeopathic Medical College, Beed- Maharashtra State by Er.Jaidatta Kshirsagar, Minister of P.W.D., M.S, in presence of P.G Director Professor. Dr. Chaturbhuja Nayak, and Principal and vice chairman of Central council of research centre, New Delhi Dr.Arun Bhasme. 6. Appreciation Award given in recognition of his services for the cause of homeopathy By Sparsh.  7. Dr.Abhishek has been sort listed as Best Result Oriented homoeopathic doctor in Delhi (ncr). 8. Appreciation Award 2014, for providing Best Homeopathy Practice. 9. Best Homeopathy Clinic in North India-2017 by Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra at International Excellence Award Ceremony Held at L